The Place I’d Rather Be

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Five minute Friday - Place [Linky and writing community)
FiveMinuteFriday – PLACE
Let’s get started…


The place I’d rather be is not earthly, it’s heavenly. It may sound odd or morbid but really it’s not.

I believe I’m a spirit living in this human body. This means I know (and believe) that all that we see isn’t all there is.

There are energies and beings that our eyes can’t see.

We often talk of heaven as a place where God and his angels live. True, but do you think it might be more?

If heaven is our home, what might that place be like?

If you read the Bible, you get glimpses of it, but I’m not even sure that is even touching what the reality of it is.

We’re human so we see, taste, smell, feel, and hear to know our surroundings. Much of the Bible is written with this in mind.

Do you think the place – heaven is literal?

Do you think it is a state of mind?

Do you think that it’s a place where all people eventually go or do you also believe in the place called hell?


We all desire a place of beauty, peace, enjoyment, adventure, and [insert your desire here].


Do you think heaven is that place? or Have you found such a place on earth?

Right now, even if I’d rather be in the place I imagine heaven to be, I’m content here on earth with those I love.

What happens when the ones I love are gone? I’ll face it, won’t I? I’m sure my desire for heaven will also increase.

Dear Reader, what are your thoughts on heaven? or What comes to mind when you hear the word Place? Share in the comments below. Please share with your friends if you think this might benefit them.

Sara D.

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Could Trump Be Right?

I didn’t mean to do it.

I read a post because the title caught my eye.

Political Correctness Gone Awry or Perhaps Trump Got Something Right

Don’t you want to click it out of curiosity?

Same here. So, I left a comment.

A long comment.

An opinionate comment.

Here’s why…

Dr. Allison Brown starts by saying…

The way I see it, political correctness is a (well-intentioned) way to regulate speech – to prevent people from hurting each other with their words.

Sounds good right?

Who wouldn’t want to prevent pain?

Dr. Brown goes on to say…

The problem is, no matter how hard we try, we can’t legislate morality! We will never change hearts through the rule of (man’s) law.



I can’t strong-arm you into being a “good” person, and truthfully, I shouldn’t want to.

She goes on to explain why suppressing speech is dangerous. Go ahead Now, Read The Full Post (before you read my thoughts)

My Thoughts on Political Correctness in the Trump Era

In today’s political climate, using the word “Trump” triggers people. Some will shut down others resort to violence.

I’m not even sure if what they are fighting for or fearful of is real or simply their perception.

LOVE trumps everything and I really mean Love from the heart (for all humanity). Accepting people as people even with opposing views, cultures, lifestyles (simply because they are part of humanity).

Love at ALL times (my life motto) means loving even the ugliness. NO, not condoning it (if someone is beating someone it needs to be stopped not encouraged) but realizing they have the right to their voice – at least in America.

Again, if Trump kicked out the Congress, called in the National Guard, and ordered them to do half the things he is being accused of (getting rid of everyone with darker skin) – YES, it totally makes sense to revolt. Actually, it’s your responsibility as a citizen.

America has done it in the past. And if necessary, should do it again during a real dictatorship. (again, I don’t think Americans fully grasp what that term means [in action] because of the Freedom we’ve lived under for so long)

The thing about America is that it was one of the safest places to express ideas. It is no longer.

Think back to China when students expressed ideas opposing the government system (democratic) – they were shot down and killed for expressing their voice. (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989)

What was the result? the silencing of the people. They went back into hiding (as you [Dr. Allison Brown] said).

It doesn’t get rid of them, it just hides them for a little while until it boils over again.

Because Americans have been fed the Freedom (basically, I can do what I want, it’s a free country) “kool-aid” so long, you can’t outright censor speech, media, books, etc.

That saying alone is ridiculous as you must account for the repercussions of your actions [locally, nationally, and globally.] When does your “right” start to interfere with my “right”? And, who decides [which “right” is right]?

You have to come at it from a different angle [in America]and let them (citizens) fight for the right to be censored.

I’ll leave you with this song:

It Don’t Make Sense If You Can’t Make Peace” by Willy Dixon (wisdom)

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Five Minute Friday – Blessing

Blessings of friends and nature.

water into wine

Five Minute Friday  – written on a Saturday, posted on a Sunday  but it still works the same way. Prompt word, five minutes, just write. No overthinking, no over editing

This weeks prompt word BLESSING

Well theres been a few this week.

There were late starts at work and a drive up the  mountain with friends on Friday  and almost getting blown away but oh my goodness this view.
And I remember I get to live  here and  look at this. The best bit though was picking up where  I left off with old friends not seen in forever but we chatted like it was yesterday and there are fewer things as precious in life as good and faithful friends who take you just the way you are no matter what.  And I had to take this warts and all selfie because I wanted to remember the moment we…

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Come write with us! This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: BLESSING

Start. Write for 5-min.


Have you ever considered why you are the race you are?

Have you ever considered why you were born and raised in your country?

Have you ever considered why you have the parents and siblings you have?

I remember being embarrassed by my family.

It goes with age I guess.

I remember being confronted by peers who dared me to say I don’t care about my sisters.

I looked them straight in the eye and said stupid and hurtful words.

Lately, I’ve been thinking how blessed I really am.

I could have been born into sex trafficking.

I might have been born as a citizen of North Korea.

There are a number of different scenarios, but…

I was born me.

Amanda Berry Smith was asked by a white woman if she’d rather be white than black.

She answered:

No, no. As the Lord lives, I would rather be black and fully saved than to be white and not saved. . . . Yes, thank God, I am satisfied with my color. *source

She was proud of who God made her.

I think some people would understand the quintessence of sanctifying grace if they could be black about twenty-four hours.

I’ll let you ponder on that last statement.


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How to Answer When Creation Comes to Call

God’s gifts always come with desire, motivation, and opportunity. (love this quote)

Recollected Design

Our sweet outdoor kitty, not much older than a kitten herself, suddenly became a mama- not that she didn’t know it – but rather it came as a surprise to us.

At 10:30 am there was one. By 11:52, two more. Tiny things that barely looked like cats according to the boy who witnessed the whole slipshod miracle of life take place in the weeds and leaves down beside the porch.

{Not to worry, we upgraded the new family to better accommodations…}

Out in the driveway another miracle took place as a spare tire found it’s way onto my truck with a little help from family. It was a strange coincidence being that exactly a week earlier our other vehicle suffered the same deflated destiny.

A day later our power went out. And stayed out. Thank God for family {again} who let us stuff every last frozen waffle…

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Sara’s List, asking OUT-LOUD for what I need

Lovely message and energy. If you’d like to share writing, your voice, or your experience, contact Sara.

Self Discovery Radio

Sponsorship (1)

I recently interviewed Yuval of the book The List, where he says SHOUT it out loud so others know what you need. I am of the old school, it is suggestive hints, imply, but do not ask outright, this is a pattern I am trying to change.

I am always saying we are a village, we need to embrace our own divine gift of life and live from the inside out to serve our village and be strong as a unit. Each of us was gifted a skill, a talent, and knowledge that is our gift to share. When we discover that gift and allow it to be, we see why we are here and what we are here do.

So why do some of us find it hard to ask for help? Why do we not speak to our needs and invite others to guide us share with…

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Private time with your creator (Pray).

On the importance of a prayer life and the impact it has on others around you.

Phaytea's Pulse

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Phaytea’s Pulse is participating in the #AtoZChallenge for 2017. The Theme is ‘Awakening of Self’ and ‘Private time with your creator (pray)’ is our entry for letter P. The theme focuses on character traits that will gear us towards Meaningful Living and will run for 26 days in April except sundays. Please stop by the blog everyday for subsequent posts as we read the 26 letters of the alphabet together. Enjoy!!☺☺

In a previous post titledOn beautiful memories and change, I mentioned a childhood memory about waking up every morning to my mum praying by my bedside.

That used to be how i start my morning and anytime I am too tired to kneel by her side, I mutter my ‘Amen’ half asleep and still in bed.

I got to know the importance of praying from a very early age, so it has now become part of me…

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Learning To Blog

Lovely to see new people join the Blogging world. Cheryl is just starting out. ^_^

Cheryl Dee Crochet

I’m still learning all about WordPress and blogging. I’ve gotten lots of inspiration from Sara Duggan, Momwithahook, of Her 31-day challenge gave me lots of thoughtful and helpful information.

Additionally, I’m the happy owner of her e-books: Create Crochet Patterns and Hooking for Cash. Sara has packed so much information into these books that reading them is like drinking from a fire hose!

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Being a Friend Means…

#JustWrite #my500words

Being a Friend

Being a friend means accepting others as you would want to be accepted, not at your best, but at your worst.

Being a friend is easy when you are enjoying one another’s company. Being a friend when one is in a very very bad mood is tough.


Being a friend when you’ve lost your job and can’t find work for months and even years is lonely as judgment and doubt start to surface.

Being a friend when others are teasing and bullying and pointing fingers at you is painful, but this marks true friendship.

Being a friend when the other pushes you away and refuses to tell you why is confusing, but the moment the other smiles and gives you a hug, all is forgotten.

A Friend

A friend loves, cries, yells, laughs, hugs, pushes, teases, hopes, fears, bullies, helps, is courageous, is strong, and above all else present.

My Friendship

I have a friend who is also my husband.

Our friendship has lasted a long time through many difficult times.

The year was 1993. It’s been almost 24 years!

In the beginning of a friendship, you smile never believing you could ever dislike or (gasp) hate this person.

Fighting? No way.

Separating? Impossible.

Yet, fighting and separating did happen more than once.

It’s interesting marrying your friend. It has its good parts and bad just like any friendship.

I remember when we first moved in with each other. I was super embarrassed about using the toilet in front of him.

Gas? Oh, my!

Yet now, it’s no big deal. Of course, this isn’t a pleasant part of friendship or love but it is what it is – humanity.

Humanity is beautiful!


How Friendship is Formed

A friendship starts slowly sometimes unaware.

Sometimes, though, you immediately connect starting a forever friendship.

It starts with…

  • Hi.
  • How are you?
  • What’s Your Favorite Food?
  • Do you have a favorite color?
  • Have you traveled to another country?
  • Why do you blog?
  • Do you have children? How many?
  • What is your favorite type of music?
  • Do you have any hobbies?
  • Which do you prefer? Reading or Writing. Why?
  • Do you have a favorite Television show?

Your Friend Replies…

  • Hi!
  • I’m doing fine, and you?
  • Currently, my favorite food is Kimchi, a Korean fermented cabbage.
  • I enjoy all colors but if I had to choose just one it would be purple.
  • I’ve never traveled to another country but I do enjoy virtual travel through my Pinterest and Instagram accounts.
  • I blog for a number of reasons but at the core, it is to release all the noise inside my head. I am an overthinker and writing tends to help silence all the ‘what if’s’ in my head.
  • Yes, I do have children. I have 2 boys and a few angels in heaven.
  • My all time favorite music is whatever my husband and sons create. 😉
  • Hobbies come and go for me. I was once into pen palling and then crocheting. Right now, I’m into knitting and coloring.
  • I prefer reading because I can be transported out of reality.
  • I don’t currently have a favorite television show, but I do watch Netflix and DramaFever on the weekends.


Your Turn:

How about you? What does being a friend mean to you?

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Praise the Lord O’ My Soul


Today’s “Simply Thankful” verse from is:

Make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Psalm 100:1


I’m thankful for being able to praise God. For listening to praises and joining in fellowship with others. (Julie True’s worship songs)

Simple Slow Activity:

Soaking in God’s Spirit as I wash away yesterday’s worries and embrace new mercies today

Give Back:

I’m sharing this with you dear readers and passersby. There is nothing like enjoying THIS MOMENT and the next and the next and the next. Treasure it and experience it fully.

This is based on the Simply Thankful Bible Writing worksheet by (found her in a FB group)