Dear reader,

I’m blogging along with the Five Minute Friday’s word prompts. We free write for 5-minutes on a single word prompt. This month we’re doing 31 prompts along with #Write31Days.

Today’s Prompt: Read

Start – 5-minutes

It started years ago.

I would read the Bible from Revelations to Genesis.

Yes, backward.

It kept my attention.

It was a way for me to read the later books because always when starting to read, I drift off somewhere after Isaiah.

So, I thought, why not start at the end so I can get the good stuff before the dry stuff.

BUT, something happened along the way.

As I read God help connect the dots of the past to the present to the future.

The New and the Old were not separate anymore.

It’s one story unfolding.

After this “realization” or connection I wanted to read even more.

So, I joined a group.

The mission, read the entire Bible in 90-days.

That’s about 12-pages a day.

It’s intense but it was training me (and other participants) in the act of reading.

No, there is no way I could really meditate on what I was reading during this challenge but, I did get through the ENTIRE Bible.

Which afterward I thought kind of sad.

I grew up in a “Christian” home.

Stop = 181 words

It wasn’t until my thirties that I read the entire Bible through.

Sure there were those bookmark reading plans.

Everyone intends to read the Bible through the year but you know how that goes…

Once I did it once, I wanted to do it again.


And do you know what?

Each time I read it through, God impresses upon my heart and mind new lessons.

Things I’ve read over and over again since I was a child are ALIVE and become a healing balm to my soul.

God, why did I not see this when I was going through [insert difficult time].

God, I sure could have used this when I was…

But, I was closed.

Or it wasn’t time for my heart’s eyes to see.


I challenge you, dear reader, to Read the entire Bible through, with the Holy Spirit as your guide.


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