Dear reader,

I’m blogging along with the Five Minute Friday’s word prompts. We free write for 5-minutes on a single word prompt. This month we’re doing 31 prompts along with #Write31Days.

Today’s Prompt: Invite


Start- 5 minutes.

Invite others to write along with me?

Today’s writing prompt from #FiveMinuteFriday is INVITE.

Kate also placed a little challenge for us.

To invite others along.

As writers, we like to hide behind our screens and characters.

Am I right?

But, as writers, we’re all about connecting with people too.

So, what if you asked another writer or someone who says “I’m not a writer” into your space?

I didn’t want to talk myself out of it so I placed a public call to people on my FB page. (personal)

I’ll probably send a few email invites later today as well.

Business-wise, I’m all for inviting others to write on my blog.

I know lots of very talented and knowledgeable people.

But, this space, My Place of Hope, it’s my place.

The place I don’t hold back.

The place I am most ME.

Inviting people into this space, this domain, it is challenging.

I need to be challenged.

I need more PEOPLE in my life.

You probably don’t know this but I’ve probably spent a total of 40 – 70 days outside of my home in the last 3 years.


189 Words.

Gasp huh?

It’s crazy writing that out.

I fear going out.

The only time I go out is when I have something to do.

Doctor’s appointments.

Grocery shopping.

Taking son 2 to his teacher meetings.

Nothing “fun” per se only the required amount of human interaction.

God placed me, this lonely person, this person afraid of people, inside a family.

That alone is a magnificent blessing.

I feel God preparing me for something.

It could be something painful or something wonderful, I don’t know which.

But, one of the things I know for certain, he’s calling me to share more of ME.

He’s calling me to people.


2 thoughts on “Invite.

  1. I have never been here before, but oh am I glad to have found you FMF friend. I have been writing more openly too about my introvertedness, and anxiety stuff. Thank you for sharing openly about your struggle. I hope to read more here, God bless!


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