Dear reader,

I’m blogging along with the Five Minute Friday’s word prompts. We free write for 5-minutes on a single word prompt. This month we’re doing 31 prompts along with #Write31Days.

Today’s Prompt: Story



We all have a story to tell, don’t we?

Are you afraid to tell it?

Afraid of judgment?

Yes, I know.

I fear the judgment of people.

I fear isolation.

I fear disappointment.

But, as I get older, the more I believe that our stories need to be told.

I think about the story of Creation, of Moses, of The Egyptians freedom, the Red Sea, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Rahab, Jesus, and the Resurrection.

Stories told, past on by others.

Stories I find hope and comfort in.

What part of my story (of your story) needs to be shared?

Is the hidden story of how you’ve struggled with addiction, through anger, through pornography addiction, through [insert your struggle here].

My story is my struggle with depression.

The fight of wanting to end my life.

The fight of wanting to run away from the responsibility of parenting, of marriage.

These are my big FIGHTS, my story.

I’ve hidden these true stories because I’ve been hurt when I do share.

BUT, God.


172 Words.

But, God, is in my struggle.

He held/holds me.

He is actively presently healing me.

And, he, uses my ugly struggles, my story, to help others see light, see hope, see a way out, see a future, a life beyond the struggle OR life inside the struggle.


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