Dear Reader,

This month I’m participating in 31 days of Five Minute Friday Prompts.
Each day has a single word prompt and I’ll write for 5-minutes. It’s a great way to practice my writing. ^_^
Today’s word is…



Walking in nature.
Sitting on the back porch.
Listening to birds.
Watching squirrels jump trees.
The slow calculated steps of the neighborhood cat.
Birds flying south for the winter in perfect arrow formation.
A mathematically perfect spider web glistening in the sun.
Gentle breezes across your face.
A smile.
An unexpected kindness.
An infant’s smile.
A toddler’s curiosity.
The unwavering faith of a child.
I love you, Mom.
I understand I forgive you, Mom.
You’re here, thanks, Mom.
Keith Green.
Michael Card.
Ginny Owens.
Julie True.
John Michael Talbot.
Laura Story.
Thank you.
I love you, God.

100 words.

This post is part of #write31days and #fiveminutefriday


2 thoughts on “Worship

  1. I love the description of the cat and the spider’s web. Also, I’m so curious to know more of what you were thinking when you wrote about your Mom! Intriguing! Good start to the month’s challenge!


    1. Hi, Beth. Oh, the mention of Mom was actually my children’s words parroted back to me. Need to make that clearer in future writings. ^_^
      Looking forward to this challenge. It’s so simple and fun.


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