The Place I’d Rather Be

Today is Five Minute Friday! That means I’m linking up with Kate Motaung and other community members.

What is Five Minute Friday?

Each Friday our community free writes for 5-minutes on a single word prompt. This week the word is PLACE.

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Five minute Friday - Place [Linky and writing community)
FiveMinuteFriday – PLACE
Let’s get started…


The place I’d rather be is not earthly, it’s heavenly. It may sound odd or morbid but really it’s not.

I believe I’m a spirit living in this human body. This means I know (and believe) that all that we see isn’t all there is.

There are energies and beings that our eyes can’t see.

We often talk of heaven as a place where God and his angels live. True, but do you think it might be more?

If heaven is our home, what might that place be like?

If you read the Bible, you get glimpses of it, but I’m not even sure that is even touching what the reality of it is.

We’re human so we see, taste, smell, feel, and hear to know our surroundings. Much of the Bible is written with this in mind.

Do you think the place – heaven is literal?

Do you think it is a state of mind?

Do you think that it’s a place where all people eventually go or do you also believe in the place called hell?


We all desire a place of beauty, peace, enjoyment, adventure, and [insert your desire here].


Do you think heaven is that place? or Have you found such a place on earth?

Right now, even if I’d rather be in the place I imagine heaven to be, I’m content here on earth with those I love.

What happens when the ones I love are gone? I’ll face it, won’t I? I’m sure my desire for heaven will also increase.

Dear Reader, what are your thoughts on heaven? or What comes to mind when you hear the word Place? Share in the comments below. Please share with your friends if you think this might benefit them.

Sara D.

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10 thoughts on “The Place I’d Rather Be

  1. It is always good to remember that we have hope beyond this life. I’m not sure what heaven will be like but I think of Revelation 21 and the promise of a place where there will be no more sorrow or mourning or crying or pain, a place where everything will be fully restored as God intends it to be. I like my place here on earth but it is amazing to have that to look forward to.


    1. Susan, that photo is from They have some very talented photographers who allow bloggers to use their work. And, yes, glimpses of heavenly existance – it’s what helps me get through.


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