Could Trump Be Right?

I didn’t mean to do it.

I read a post because the title caught my eye.

Political Correctness Gone Awry or Perhaps Trump Got Something Right

Don’t you want to click it out of curiosity?

Same here. So, I left a comment.

A long comment.

An opinionate comment.

Here’s why…

Dr. Allison Brown starts by saying…

The way I see it, political correctness is a (well-intentioned) way to regulate speech – to prevent people from hurting each other with their words.

Sounds good right?

Who wouldn’t want to prevent pain?

Dr. Brown goes on to say…

The problem is, no matter how hard we try, we can’t legislate morality! We will never change hearts through the rule of (man’s) law.



I can’t strong-arm you into being a “good” person, and truthfully, I shouldn’t want to.

She goes on to explain why suppressing speech is dangerous. Go ahead Now, Read The Full Post (before you read my thoughts)

My Thoughts on Political Correctness in the Trump Era

In today’s political climate, using the word “Trump” triggers people. Some will shut down others resort to violence.

I’m not even sure if what they are fighting for or fearful of is real or simply their perception.

LOVE trumps everything and I really mean Love from the heart (for all humanity). Accepting people as people even with opposing views, cultures, lifestyles (simply because they are part of humanity).

Love at ALL times (my life motto) means loving even the ugliness. NO, not condoning it (if someone is beating someone it needs to be stopped not encouraged) but realizing they have the right to their voice – at least in America.

Again, if Trump kicked out the Congress, called in the National Guard, and ordered them to do half the things he is being accused of (getting rid of everyone with darker skin) – YES, it totally makes sense to revolt. Actually, it’s your responsibility as a citizen.

America has done it in the past. And if necessary, should do it again during a real dictatorship. (again, I don’t think Americans fully grasp what that term means [in action] because of the Freedom we’ve lived under for so long)

The thing about America is that it was one of the safest places to express ideas. It is no longer.

Think back to China when students expressed ideas opposing the government system (democratic) – they were shot down and killed for expressing their voice. (Tiananmen Square protests of 1989)

What was the result? the silencing of the people. They went back into hiding (as you [Dr. Allison Brown] said).

It doesn’t get rid of them, it just hides them for a little while until it boils over again.

Because Americans have been fed the Freedom (basically, I can do what I want, it’s a free country) “kool-aid” so long, you can’t outright censor speech, media, books, etc.

That saying alone is ridiculous as you must account for the repercussions of your actions [locally, nationally, and globally.] When does your “right” start to interfere with my “right”? And, who decides [which “right” is right]?

You have to come at it from a different angle [in America]and let them (citizens) fight for the right to be censored.

I’ll leave you with this song:

It Don’t Make Sense If You Can’t Make Peace” by Willy Dixon (wisdom)

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2 thoughts on “Could Trump Be Right?

  1. Love your piece! And, I remember when we first met, you wrote that to “love all” means just that… The good and the bad. (Again, not condone, just love)


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