Come write with us! This week’s Five Minute Friday prompt is: BLESSING

Start. Write for 5-min.


Have you ever considered why you are the race you are?

Have you ever considered why you were born and raised in your country?

Have you ever considered why you have the parents and siblings you have?

I remember being embarrassed by my family.

It goes with age I guess.

I remember being confronted by peers who dared me to say I don’t care about my sisters.

I looked them straight in the eye and said stupid and hurtful words.

Lately, I’ve been thinking how blessed I really am.

I could have been born into sex trafficking.

I might have been born as a citizen of North Korea.

There are a number of different scenarios, but…

I was born me.

Amanda Berry Smith was asked by a white woman if she’d rather be white than black.

She answered:

No, no. As the Lord lives, I would rather be black and fully saved than to be white and not saved. . . . Yes, thank God, I am satisfied with my color. *source

She was proud of who God made her.

I think some people would understand the quintessence of sanctifying grace if they could be black about twenty-four hours.

I’ll let you ponder on that last statement.


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