Backyard BBQ Recipes For the Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend is here in the states so what better time to have a BBQ? It’s the official kickoff to the Summer Barbecuing season so let’s put on our ‘yummy’ pants so we can enjoy these BBQ treats. Oh, they’re kid friendly too so the littles and the Teens don’t have to starve or settle for P, B, and J or McD’s.

Bewitching Beverages


Best Strawberry Lemonade EVER by Susan of

This recipe starts with Strawberry puree. What she does next saves you lots of time on BBQ Day.

Dr. Pepper Slushies and Popsicles by Susan of

The popsicles are super easy to make. Simply pour into molds (leaving room for when it freezes) and within a few hours, you have some yummy cool treats.

Simply Salads


Bacon Broccoli Salad by Krystle of

Krystle says this recipe will convert all non-broccoli lovers with one bite with its tender florets, bacon, and sunflower seeds.

Thai Chicken Salad with Cucumber Noodles by Samantha and Dominic of

I’ve tried “zoodles” but “cucumoodles”? I’m not too sure mine would make it into the lovely noodle shape, but Samantha and Dominic certainly made it work for them.

Caprese Pasta Salad by Jessica of

This is “Summer in a Bowl” as  described by Jessica and it looks that she’s right. A quick and lite pasta salad ready in a little over 15-minutes.

Watermelon Blueberry Mint Salad by Nettie of

Not only does this salad look beautiful, I think the combination of these fresh ingredients will delight the palates of even your younger guest.

Yummy, Yummy, Fruit, Fruit Salad by Jessica of

Summer is the best time to stop by your local farmers market for fresh fruit like bananas, grapes, pineapple, berries and kiwi OR any fresh fruit will do. Add Jessica’s brown sugar and orange juice glaze and this can almost make it to the dessert table (almost). ^_^


Easy Pasta Salad with a hint of Chipotle and Ranch by Kristi of

Most likely someone will come to the backyard barbecue with a pasta salad, BUT, not like this. With a bit of chipotle pepper and rich ranch dressing, this will be a favorite now and at future events.

BLT Pasta Salad by Jessica of

Creamy mayonnaise and Greek yogurt make the dressing for this salad. I like the added touch of red pepper flakes for a little heat.

Delicious Pasta Salad by Kristi of

Maybe your guests don’t like to “spice” things up, that’s okay because this pasta salad with a light dressing and bowtie pasta is perfect for them.

Loaded Potato Salad by Jessica of

It’s too hot to bake potatoes for your BBQ weekend, so boil them instead. (mornings are good) Later, add all the fixings.

Savory Sides 


Popcorn Sweet Potatoes by The Milner’s of

This is definitely something both my boys will eat (Mama too). You can dip this in ranch or make the homemade bbq sauce that Samantha and Dominic share.

Garden Vegetables with Bacon by Susan of

Have you heard? Some people believe that everything is better with bacon, even veggies. Whether you agree or not, this little (salad) of fresh corn, potatoes, parsley and Bacon may just be a new family favorite. (for kiddos, I’d leave out the parsley)

Crockpot Baked Beans by Krystle of

Baked beans are a popular dish at summer picnics and barbecues but who wants to cook in the heat? Krystle thought the same so she came up with this recipe in the crockpot. Now, you can have some fun, drink some wine, and relax inside without all the heat. OH, and BACON – this little recipe includes everyone’s favorite fatty “meat”.

The BEST Baked Beans by Kristi of

Can Kristi’s baked beans win over Krystle’s? I’d like to judge that food war. This recipe only takes 30-minutes in the over so it won’t heat the house up too much. She suggests trying her cranberry barbecue sauce instead of plain BBQ sauce. Sounds tangy good.

The Main Attraction – Meat


Perfectly Smoked Ribs by Kristi of

Sometimes you just need a recipe to make your Redneck friends proud. This is it. Kristi uses the Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse which is super easy to use. Simply add the wood chips and set the timer. Now, you might want to watch your friends and the power mower. ^_^

Smoked Brisket to Write Home About by Kristi of

Kristi shares another juicy and tender recipe that will bring all the BBQ boys in the neighborhood ’round. (girls too) Pair this with her quick baked beans recipe and you’ll be a queen (at least for a day).

Caramelized Sweet Balsamic Onions and Smoky Bourbon Sausages by Nate of

Grilled mushrooms, peppers, and onions are sauteed into a nice topping for this messy BBQ meal. Kids love messes right?  To top off these delicious sausages, try the “sausage sauce” made from Dijon mustard, homemade mayonnaise, and horseradish. “A messy pile of yum” as Nate put it.

Delectable Desserts


Our dessert table is overflowing with tasty treats to match everyone’s taste buds.

Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Cake (with Sprinkles!) by Susan of

This has to be one of the simplest ice cream cake recipes out there. It’s also the cheapest I’ve seen. The sprinkles on top just make me all sorts of happy inside. ^_^

Captain America Cupcakes by Susan of

A fabulous way to celebrate Red, White, and Blue and Captain America at the same time. Your children will be ready to fight the evils that plagued your backyard. ^_^

Crunchy Ice Cream Topping by Susan of

Need some crunch with your ice cream? Cereal, coconut, almonds, butter, and brown sugar are all you need.

Grill Cupcakes by Krystle of

Don’t let the name fool you, these are as sweet as they are “hot”, off the grill that is.

Super Quick 15-Minute Flag Dessert by Angie of

5 ingredients and 15-minutes is all you need to make this dessert. It’s easy to make the night before your big BBQ party.

Red, White, and Blue Yogurt Pops by Angie of

A perfect treat to get more fruits in your children’s bellies. (veggies too if you dare)

3 Desserts From a Box That Will Make You Rethink “Homemade” by Nate of

Nate used the new baking mixes by Pillsbury for his Strawberry Bundt cake, Peanut Butter Brownie Pizza (yes, you read that correctly), and Cookie Dough cupcakes. Dang, right?

Firework Cupcakes by Janette of

Red, white, and blue frosting tops these red velvet cupcakes. They’re sure to bring a Spark to your BBQ.  (let the little ones pipe their own frosting)

I want that each of the food bloggers who gave me the opportunity to feature their recipe in the roundup. I was seriously salivating while writing this post up.

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