Art Tag Questions


My inaugural post for my new blog is this writing prompt from the Blog Tag group on Facebook. You see, I enjoy writing. It is one of the things that releases stress and bottled up emotions aka anger. It’s also something that gives me hope and a way for me to spread a bit of love into the world.

The thing is, since about 2007 when I started writing as a way to earn extra income my love for it started to wane. I took a big break from writing for money and even now I blog not for cash (I no longer sell my writing) I blog as a way to communicate with my clients.

For this writing prompt, I’ll be sharing a bit about myself by answering a number of questions as related to Art.

  1. Are you an art lover, if so which form? – I like many forms of art and for a large part of my life, my favorite was crochet.
  2. Share my art. Here’s my masterpiece. I can’t take full credit for this beauty, his dad did have a part in it too.


3. Share my favorite piece of art with you. (my own or someone else’s) – Below is a vintage piece which I just love. I’ve taken up coloring lately (of course, who hasn’t) and this reminds of the paper dolls I used to play with as a child. Such happiness fills me every time I see her.


 Visit the following links and share my first reaction to the piece.

4. My first thought was a lightsaber, then after a few more seconds it started looking more like a falling star or meteor.

5. It could be an artists or writers room OR a prison for someone who has been kidnapped.

6. Creepy as heck and couldn’t click away fast enough.

7. What is my favorite art movement? – I don’t really have a favorite one. I’m curious to find out what others say.

8. Do you think art should evoke emotions? if so, do you think it should be positive or negative? – Art should evoke emotions, but it doesn’t have to because it is art. Art can be used to get a message across as in political art or art to express the pain of abuse. For me, at least where I am emotionally right now, art is a happy place filled with lots of flowers, sunshine, and rainbows. Note the clicking away fast to the image in question #6.

9. Would I comment on politics or social affairs in my art?  – It depends on the circumstance. I’m sure I have especially when I was younger. Art has been a great tool for social awakening and has healed many societal wounds.

10. Do I consider myself an artist? – Well, of course. I believe everyone is an artist. We breathe and live art every day we choose to participate in this thing called life. My greatest piece of art (see image #1) is a prime example. A smile is art, a hug, and even a tear. It’s all so beautiful, don’t you think?

11. Name everything I consider to be art. – Well, I think I covered this one with my answer to question #10. Everything is art to me, even the creepy image although I’d don’t prefer it.

12. Make a mess, snap a picture, and share. – It’s actually too early in the morning for me to create a mess, so I’ll just share something I worked on earlier this year. I did get messy while making it – does that count? OH, it’s a blurry picture so I guess that can count as my messy. File_000 (1)

Assign feelings to the following colors:

13. Paynes Grey – a little sad

14. Deep Violet – confident

15. Luminescent Green – energetic

16. White – peaceful

17. Black – depressed

Quickfire as it relates to Art:

18. Paint or Pencil – pencil

19. Anger art or Peaceful art – peaceful

20. Words or Images – agh the choices… images.

21. Cartoons or Sculptures – sculptures

22. Happiness or Sadness – happiness

23. Tons of texture or Smooth surfaces – smooth


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